Spare parts

Our Customer Support Team can offer spare parts for all CRE machines and hold stock of many seals and commonly required items at our facility.

Our aim is to provide a better service than our competitors - usually sending a quotation within 24 hours.


Tooling & dies

We stock many die blanks for both copper and aluminium ready for the die profile to be cut. This means fast delivery.

We offer on-going supply contracts where we hold stock of extrusion wheels and wear parts (feed plates, abutments, etc) ready for either phased delivery or call off. This gives benefits of reduced inventory and Just-In-Time delivery.


Shoe before refurbishment

Extrusion shoes deform and become very oxidised after several years use. We completely refurbish the shoes fitting new parts where necessary and re-machining the body to ensure everything is square.

The shoe assembly is like new but at about 50% the cost of a new one. Shoes can only be refurbished a limited number of times. We carry out this service for shoes from all machine sizes.


Shoe after refurbishment

As you can see from the image on right, we refurbish to very high standards.

Confex also supply complete new shoe assemblies at very competitive prices.


Upgrades & modernisation

To keep your CRE machine in the best condition Confex Technology Ltd is continuously striving to enhance the machine specification and the CRE process with new and innovative ideas. These will be offered to customers by way of upgrades and retrofits.


Technical support

Long term service agreements are designed to offer peace of mind to the customer that Confex Technology Ltd will provide spares and servicing as required for the useful life of the CRE machine.


Process development & consultancy

To enable customers to keep up to date on CRE matters Confex Technology Ltd offer further assistance in the following areas, operator re training, performance enhancement, product development, process optimisation, line conversions, scheduled servicing.